INFRA Sarawak was established to provide complete training for INFRA’s target groups in Sarawak. The branch office began its operations at Wisma Hong, Kuching on 1st February 2008. The objective of INFRA Sarawak is to empower the rural human capital in Sarawak in an effort to instill excellence in the rural community through the elements of participatory planning and bottom-up approach, which is the core of the Rural Vision Movement.



    • Conducting training programmes and ensuring that the training programmes fulfill the needs of the target groups;


    • Analysing training needs and providing programme planning and evaluation;


    • Acting as coordinator of rural research programmes and liaison between the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development and INFRA with the local government and the communities in Sarawak; and


  • Establishing cooperation with the State Government, departments and other Government agencies and local Public Higher Learning Institution in conducting INFRA training and research programmes.

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Ministry Of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW)
Lot 2A, Persiaran Institusi,
43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Kod QrT: +603-87352400
F: +603-89265901

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