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The INFRA Social Development and International Division is responsible for conducting training programmes to empower grass root leaders, improve the professionalism of personnel/trainers as well as create a network of cooperation in training at the local and international levels.

The programmes are conducted through four branches, namely:

  • Rural Management Branch;

  • Community Training Branch;

  • Skills Development Branch; and

  • International Training Branch.

The objective of the programmes conducted is to strengthen the manpower in the rural areas, particularly the leaders of the rural communities’ institutions, comprising members of the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK/P), Village Heads, Extension Workers, Leaders of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Technical Officers at the District Level. These programmes aimed to produce excellent rural communities through making based on the Participatory and Bottom-Up Planning approach embodied in the Rural Vision Movement.

Functions Of The Social Development And International Division

  • Planning, managing and implementing high quality training programmes (workshops, courses, seminars and conventions) to fulfil the needs of the rural communities;

  • Providing training to grass roots leaders such as the JKKK/P in order to enable them to develop villages systematically through the formation of village profiles and Village Development Action Plan;

  • Conducting training in the area of Management of Village Community Institutions to accelerate the village development process;

  • Develop trainers to accelerate the process of information transfer and dissemination to target groups;

  • Cooperating with the Planning Branch to develop new course modules which are consistent with the current needs;

  • Conducting training to develop village individuals and families in order to form communities with quality and prosperity; and

  • Enhance the awareness among rural populace to utilise ICT as a tool in their daily lives.

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