Pelan Strategik INFRA

INFRA’s Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015 takes into account the Country’s National Mission, Vision 2020 and the Government Transformation Programme (GTP). Since the planning and implementation of the Strategic Plan will commence in 2010, INFRA will ensure that the execution of programmes is in line with the National Mission.

INFRA’s Strategic Plan 2010–2015 was formulated and designed to suit the current challenges and requirements based on changes in it’s surrounding as well as the implementation of government’s programmes and policies which emphasises on the importance of human capital development in ensuring that the Nine challenges of Vision 2020, in the remaining 10 years from now, can be achieved by the people of Malaysia especially by the rural community which is the target group of INFRA.

This plan identifies strategies and action plans that include all aspects needed to be addressed by INFRA in order to ensure that those who are involved in this Strategic Plan will gain not only short-term benefits. Rather, the outcome of the plan implementation can be measured and seen at the final year of the plan’s implementation.

Focus is given on the initiatives taken to upgrade the implementation, coordination, supervision and evaluation mechanisms so that the programmes implemented would achieve its targeted goals. INFRA Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015 outlines the focus, the cores and the strategic aims towards achieving strategic objectives in 5 years. A special mechanism to monitor the implementation of this strategic plan will be formalised to ensure that it could be implemented on time.

The impact of this strategic plan is that the rural communities would be able to plan and implement development programmes in their villages, as a result of guidance and training provided by INFRA. Hence, the notion is to have the village as an entity that is advanced, interesting and profitable in its own way and style without marginalising the rural community’s culture and ethics that have been practiced since time immemorial.


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