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The objective of the Research and Development Division is to strengthen the Institute for Rural Advancement’s (INFRA) role in the area of research and development in efforts to realise its vision of being a rural knowledge and reference centre of excellence. This will be achieved through the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development’s (MRRD) research and focal point studies, development of modules and coordination of rural training.

The Research and Development Division comprises three main branches, namely:

  • Studies and Research;
  • Planning; and
  • Library and Archives.

Function of Research and Development Division

  • Being the focal point for MRRD’s studies and research programmes;
  • Conducting impact studies and assessment of INFRA’s development programmes outcomes;
  • Developing and updating training modules and training needs analysis (TNA);
  • Performing the role of the focal point for the coordination of MRRD’s rural training;
  • Performing the role of a rural knowledge and reference centre, and
  • Forming strategic collaborations in the area of knowledge with training experts and knowledge institutes.

   Each branch is supported by the following units:

   A. Studies and Research Branch

  • Applied Unit;
  • Policy Unit; and
  • Fellowship Unit.

   B. Planning Branch

  • Strategic Planning Unit; and
  • Module Development Unit.

   C. Library and Archives

  • Monograph Unit;
  • Archives and Rural Gallery Unit; and
  • Multimedia Unit.

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