1 Train trainer of rural development managemnet and through them, producing more repulsive force that can help advancing region and rural community;

2 Help improve the ability of public agencies staff, social activist and driving nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as an agent effective communicators;

3 A research and reference center, data center and energy thinkers rural development programs and non-formal education;

4 Leads the direction of a paradigm shift in the management of rural development efforts to develop the rural community of thought, and thought the area as well as rural communities, and

5 Provided technical assistance, advice and training to foreign countries as well as conducting research on rural areas in collaboration with international organizations.

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Today 225

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Ministry Of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW)
Lot 2A, Persiaran Institusi,
43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Kod QrT: +603-87352400
F: +603-89265901
E: info@infra.gov.my

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