Lecture Rooms
Number of Rooms : 10 lecture rooms
Capacity : 40-50 person at one time
Discussion Rooms
Number of Rooms : 4 discussion rooms
Capacity : 10-12 person at one time
Computer Lab
Number of Rooms : 4 computer lab
Capacity : 25 - 30 units of computer
As a reference centre and getting informations
As a centre to reflect on the history of rural evolution

Number of Visitors

Today 3

Yesterday 139

Week 1119

Month 3324

All 748799

Ministry Of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW)
Lot 2A, Persiaran Institusi,
43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Kod QrT: +603-87352400
F: +603-89265901
E: info@infra.gov.my

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